Our Firm

Our firm is dedicated to providing individualized legal services to international clients around the world.

Our small-firm design combined with our large-firm legal capabilities allows us to focus on the specific needs of a client and provide them with personalized services, while at the same time enabling us to use our extensive experience and expertise to handle their legal matter in an efficient and innovative manner. Furthermore, in addition to our extensive immigration practice, our firm offers a variety of international services, including corporate services, real estate services, cross-border trades, and tax planning.

We specialize in providing EB-5 visa services to various legal clients around the world, including the processing of I-526 investor visa applications for both individual investments and regional centers, and removal of conditions (I-829) petitions.

Serge Bauer, P.C. has extensive experience in the area of immigration law. We provide both immigrant and non-immigrant visa services to individuals seeking to enter the United States. We handle applications for family based, employment based, professional, and various other types of visas, including complex consular visa processing cases and visa appeals. Our mission is to assist our clients in their efforts to attain residence in the United States.

Our firm emphasizes personal contact with our clients and seeks to establish professional relationships in order to provide personalized services to best meet each client's individual needs.