B-1/2: Visitors

B-1: Visitors for Business

An individual is eligible for the B-1 Temporary Visa for Visitors for Business under the following conditions:

  • Engaging in commercial transactions not involving in gainful employment, such as negotiating contracts, litigation, consulting with clients or business associates
  • Participating in scientific, educational, professional, religious, or business conventions
  • An alien who is the member of the Board of Directors of a U.S. corporation and who is coming to the U.S. for a board meeting
  • Foreign corporate personnel to set up a U.S. subsidiary, as well as persons exploring E-2 investment
  • B-1 in lieu of H-1 pertains to an alien who would otherwise be H-1, not including entertainment professionals, but receives no salary or remuneration other than an expense allowance or other reimbursement incidental to temporary stay
  • Minister on an evangelical tour supported by contributions at an evangelical meeting
  • Personal/Domestic servants who accompany returning USCs who are temporarily assigned to the U.S., or who permanently reside in a foreign company
  • A foreign medical student seeking to take "elective clerkship" without remuneration

... and many others. Please consult with us for further USCIS Regulations.

B-2: Visitors for Pleasure

An individual is eligible for the B-2 Temporary Visa for Visitors for Pleasure under the following conditions:

  • Tourism
  • Social visits to friends/relatives
  • Health purposes
  • Participation in conventions of social organizations
  • Participation in amateur musical, sports, or similar events with no remuneration
  • Dependents of U.S. Armed Forces personnel
  • Accompanying D or B-1 aliens
  • If coming to the U.S. to marry a U.S. Citizen but will depart
  • If coming to the U.S. to marry a non-immigrant; must thereafter get spouse's derivative status
  • If eligible for H-4 but inconvenient or impossible to obtain it, the spouse or child can enter on B-2
  • Non-spouse partner, regardless of gender, that accompanies a principal E, H, or L for duration of stay
  • Language students in a course of short duration when the course of study is under 18 hours per week

This status is available for other, less common conditions. Please consult with us for further USCIS Regulations.